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Respectful Communication in the Workplace

Respectful communication is the foundation for creating and maintaining a positive work environment.  It ensures employees work well together as a team, solve conflict before it escalates, accept and appreciate diversity in their workplace, handle change productively and positively, and recognize the contributions of those around them.   

In this full-day workshop, participants develop an awareness of respectful workplace relations and the importance of taking personal responsibility for their work environments.  They explore the essential communication skills for raising issues constructively and handling disrespectful behaviour in a constructive way.  Activities include individual reflection, small group discussions and large group debriefings. As well, facilitators demonstrate approaches to respectful dialogue, using scenarios relevant to the participants’ own workplace. While the training experience is designed to increase communication skills, it has the added benefit of improving teamwork, building trust and enhancing participants’ understanding of their own role in maintaining a respectful workplace.

Topics include:

• Respectful behaviour – identifying and building on the group’s strengths

• Disrespectful behaviour – the impact on individuals and the organization

• The perspective of others - the difference between needs and solutions

• Taking personal responsibility - three attitudes that make a difference

• Shifting judgement to curiosity – the importance of questioning and listening

• Escalation of conflict – the importance of addressing disrespectful behaviour early

• The role of the bystander – how to be a constructive sounding board

• Regaining respectful dialogue – apologizing, contrasting, and raising issues constructively

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