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Mediation - a process for resolving conflict

As workplace mediators, we are neutral facilitators who help colleagues communicate constructively to resolve conflict.  Our mediations begin with identifying, clarifying and understanding the needs of all parties involved.  Once people understand each other’s perspectives, we lead them through brainstorming and analysis processes to find the best solution to the conflict, a solution that meets or at least advances the needs of all those involved. 

There are two critical success factors to the mediations we conduct.  First, we coach parties to stop blaming others for the conflict and take responsibility for their own actions.  Prior to meeting jointly, we meet separately with each party and encourage them to honestly reflect on their past attitudes and behaviours in order to determine how they have contributed to the current conflict.  Second, we focus the joint discussions around parties learning the impact of their behaviour on others.  The goal is not to blame or judge but rather provide parties with the motivation they need to change their behaviour in the future.  We understand this kind of honest and respectful dialogue takes courage, patience and integrity.  As a result, our mediation processes are often the first step in building trust and improving working relationships.

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