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How We Work

Collaborative Planning

When planning a group process, we rely on the input of clients and seek their direction at key stages in design, implementation and follow-up. We’ve learned that consultation is essential to ensure the process focuses on the desired objectives.  Our facilitation process typically involves these five steps:
Initial Consultation - Working together, we establish mutual expectations and clearly defined goals for the process.  At this time, we explore a variety of approaches to identify the one that will best meet your objectives.
Facilitation Estimate - Following our initial meeting, we prepare a detailed description of the process, including timeframes, deliverables and expected costs.
Co-facilitation -  Our experience has taught us that a teamed approach improves delivery and participant outcomes.  It simply works better, allowing us to:
  • provide better support during small group exercises
  • balance the tasks of facilitation and recording
  • support different skill and readiness levels
  • model a collaborative approach to team relations
  • address unexpected concerns or disputes effectively
  • make spontaneous changes to process as necessary

Reporting -  We record meeting notes using a laptop computer and a projector so that all participants can see the discussion outcomes.  Following the facilitated session, we prepare a written summary, which describes the process and decisions reached. 

Follow-up - At the conclusion of the process, we plan for follow-up and support as necessary. 

Appreciative Inquiry

Whether we’re training a work team or guiding a group through a planning process, our approach combines a positive focus with a respectful curiosity. The primary goal is to identify and build upon participants' strengths. Reflective questions, tailored to the participants' context, launch facilitations and learning experiences on a positive note. Our approach increases participant success, as they begin with the knowledge they have the skills and experience upon which to build.

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