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Training Follow-Up

All too often training is considered a one time event and over time, despite good intentions, the concepts and skills participants learn are forgotten. Follow-up support provides participants – either individually or as a group – with the opportunity to review training concepts, discuss challenges and obstacles, and examine real life applications.

We work directly with clients to determine the best form of follow-up for their organization. 

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Skill Building Seminars
Skill building seminars are guided practice sessions designed to reinforce learning and motivate participants to apply new skills back on the job.

We offer four seminars following the Respectful Workplace Training. Each seminar focuses on one of the skills from the full-day training workshop:

1. Gaining the perspective of others – the difference between needs and solutions

2. Shifting judgement to curiosity – the importance of questioning and listening

3. The role of the bystander – how to be a constructive sounding board

4. Regaining respectful dialogue – apologizing, contrasting, and raising issues constructively

Each seminar provides participants with an in-depth opportunity to:
• practice a specific skill in a safe environment
• receive individualized feedback from trainers
• observe trainer demonstrations
• examine obstacles and rewards of real life applications
• participate in discussions about training concepts

Skill building seminars are voluntary, and participants are encouraged throughout the full day workshop to identify the skills they’d like to work on further and sign up for one or more seminars. Alternatively, a work team may have the option of attending as a group.

Individual Coaching
Coaching is a one-on-one creative process to strengthen learning and encourage participants to utilize skills back in their own workplaces.

Working with executives and employees, we focus on the behavioural changes necessary to foster respectful working relationships. Our coaching helps clients develop new ways to interact with colleagues based on the concepts and skills taught during a training workshop.

Combined with self awareness exercises and organizational feedback, a coach provides support to practice new skills and enhance the competencies the client already brings to their job.

Through a coaching relationship, clients come to understand their role in:

• creating a respectful workplace – what strengths do I have to offer, what behaviour to I need to change and how?

• working as a part of a team – what is my preferred work style and how does it impact others?

• resolving conflict – how have I contributed to the current conflict and what can I do to end it?

Individualized coaching is intended as a targeted support measure to select participants. These include individuals who play a leadership role in maintaining a respectful workplace or those whose behaviour has been identified as inappropriate.