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Facilitation - guiding a group process to reach a desired outcome

We work with groups in a variety of capacities, including focus group research, stakeholder consultation, and visioning and planning. Our clients include work teams, executives, committees, and volunteer boards.

As neutral facilitators, we allow all project team members to let go of process responsibilities and engage in the work of learning and decision making. As process experts, we design exercises that are tied to the group objectives and build on one another. We keep discussions focused, yet relaxed. We pay keen attention to participant dynamics – encouraging participants to see the bigger picture and engage in a dialogue that involves everyone, not just the most articulate, best resourced or loudest.

As facilitators, we know that managing information is critical to group success, both during and after a group process. Our co-facilitation approach allows us to balance the responsibilities of discussion and recording. This ensures both a breadth and depth of dialogue during the group process and a thorough and meaningful analysis of discussion results.

Planning a group process and want to ensure a productive and respectful experience?

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